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Survivorship Program

Advances in early cancer detection and treatment is resulting in improved survival rates for people diagnosed with cancer.

As a result, the need for follow-up care to monitor for new cancers, recurrence, and late effects from cancer treatment during the survivorship phase in the cancer care continuum is growing.

The Survivorship Program aims to improve patient care and experience during the survivorship phase.


  • Develop and promote follow-up care best practices
  • Improve understanding of cancer survivors’ demographics and patterns of care
  • Improve patient and care partner experience, ensuring care is person-centred.
  • Improve provider experience during care transitions
  • Promote stakeholder engagement to support survivorship priorities

Program Initiatives

  • Establish and support the implementation of provincial recommendations on appropriate models of follow-up care after treatment
  • Measure and evaluate high-quality follow-up care for cancer survivors
  • Develop and promote evidence-based tools and resources for healthcare providers to help support effective and appropriate follow-up care for their patients
  • Support the integration of primary care and cancer care providers to improve experiences during care transitions
  • Understand and improve the experience of cancer survivors (including adolescents and young adults)

Email Program

If you have any questions or comments, email the Survivorship Program.