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Recommended Resources for Nurses

Nurses are supported in providing cancer prevention, screening and care through guidelines and other tools developed by Cancer Care Ontario.

Nursing Care

Find tools and resources to support nursing care.

Disease Pathway Management

The pathway maps are tools used to improve quality, access, appropriateness and coordination of care across all stages of the patient experience.

Symptom and Side Effect Management

Symptom and side effect management tools help primary care providers assess and appropriately manage a patient’s cancer-related symptoms. Guides are available for healthcare professionals and patients.

Follow-Up Care for Cancer Survivors

The follow-up guidelines support the care for people recovering from cancer.

  • Survivorship                                                                       

Palliative Care Tools

Find palliative care tools organized according to a 3-step model of best practice.

My CancerIQ

My CancerIQ is a website designed by Cancer Care Ontario that helps Ontarians understand their cancer risk and what they can do to help lower that risk.

Cancer Screening Information

Find fact sheets, brochures and other screening information to share with patients and their families.

Symptom and Side Effect Management Guides

Symptom and side effect management guides provide patients and their families with information on how to recognize symptoms and how to reduce the effects. Also find links to related websites.

Continuing Professional Development

Nurses can advance their education by taking courses and participating in mentorship.

Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences

Multidisciplinary cancer conferences provide a forum for the continuing education of medical staff and health professionals.

Oncology Registered Nurse Role Description

Find the standardized role description for a specialized oncology nurse.

Oncology Nursing Documentation Competencies

This document establishes guidelines to ensure that the essence of oncology nursing practice is reflected in documentations.

Patient and Staff Safety

Find evidence-based guidelines for the safe handling of drugs and delivery of systemic cancer treatment.