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Letters to the Public About Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is testing done on people who may be at risk of getting cancer, but who have no symptoms and generally feel fine. Cancer screening tests are not meant to diagnose cancer. Instead, they help figure out which people are more likely to have cancer or get cancer in the future. Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) runs province-wide organized screening programs for 4 types of cancer: lung, breast, cervical and colorectal (commonly called “colon cancer” or “bowel cancer”).

Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) sends letters to people for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers to:

  • invite them to start screening
  • remind them when it is time for their next screening test
  • tell them their screening test results
  • tell them what to do if they have an abnormal test result

Cancer screening letters are sent in English or French. If you would like to change your preferred language, please contact ServiceOntario at 1-800-268-1154.

Once you qualify for breast, cervical or colorectal screening, you will automatically get a letter inviting you to get screened. You will also get something called a “privacy notice.” The privacy notice tells you about the cancer screening programs run by Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) and how your personal information is protected. You can change your mind about getting letters at any time. 

Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) does not send letters for lung cancer screening. For more information about lung cancer screening, including information on who may qualify, see Screening for Lung Cancer.


If you no longer want to get cancer screening letters from Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) or if you want to change your personal information, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download the Cancer Screening Programs: Participant Information Form
  2. Fill out the appropriate sections.
  3. Fax the completed form to 1-866-682-9534 or mail it to the address on page 2 of the form. Detailed instructions and contact information are on the form – for help, call 1-866-662-9233. To protect your privacy, please do not email the form.

If you went to an Ontario Breast Screening Program site before March 2014, you were asked to fill out a consent form. We will continue to protect your personal health information. If you have questions about your breast screening consent, call us toll-free at 1-866-662-9233 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or send an email to

For more information about how we protect your privacy, read our Personal Health Information Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternative Format

If you get a cancer screening letter and need it in an alternate format, please contact our communications department at:

Phone: 1-877-280-8538
TTY: 1-800-855-0511