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( fill-GRA-stim )
ODB - General Benefit
  • filgrastim - Grastofil brand is a general benefit
ODB Limited Use
  • filgrastim - (Neupogen brand) - Pre-Stem Cell Transplant Mobilization: For peripheral blood progenitor cell collection for peripheral stem cell transplant as treatment for malignant disease. Approval for Neupogen 300 mcg and 480 mcg vial format only.
  • filgrastim - (Neupogen brand) For pediatric patients (less than 18 years age) who are unable to achieve the appropriate dose of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor with the formulary listed formats of pre-filled syringes. Approval for Neupogen 300 mcg vial format only.
  • filgrastim - (Neupogen brand) For patients who are unable to use available formats of Grastofil due to a documented latex allergy. Approval for Neupogen 300 mcg and 480 mcg vial format only.
Other Name(s): Neupogen® (Amgen); Grastofil® (Apotex)
Appearance: Clear, colourless solution

Patient Info Sheet

Jan 2018

What it is used for

  • Filgrastim is used to increase the growth of your white blood cells, which help your body fight against infection.
  • This medication may also be used to increase in the number of white blood cells to be collected for a stem cell transplant and to help your white blood cells recover after a bone marrow or stem cell transplant.
  • Filgrastim is a biosimilar medication. See our biosimilar pamphlet for more information. 

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