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North East Regional Cancer Program

The North East Regional Cancer Program oversees the quality and delivery of cancer services for the residents of Algoma, Cochrane, Manitoulin-Sudbury, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Temiskaming, and the James Bay and Hudson Bay Coasts.

Service Partners

Northeast Cancer Centre at Health Sciences North

The Northeast Cancer Centre (NECC) of Health Sciences North is one of 14 cancer centres in Ontario. The NECC is a Cancer Care Ontario partner that serves a population of more than 600,000 in Northeastern Ontario. The cancer centre in Sudbury was opened in November 1990 to provide radiation treatment, chemotherapy and supportive care services to the residents of Northeastern Ontario.

The centre receives over 3,000 new cancer patients each year, and conducts approximately 15,000 chemotherapy visits and 38,000 radiation treatment visits. This care is now distributed across the region through partnerships with community hospitals for delivery of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

At the NECC, a team of world-renowned doctors, scientists and researchers work on a variety of research and clinical trials that regularly attract the attention of the international medical community. In addition to chemotherapy and radiation treatment programs, the NECC offers a wide range of professionals and support services that include:

  • dietitians
  • social workers
  • psychologists
  • speech language pathologists
  • physiotherapists
  • dental oncology team
  • Aboriginal services
  • genetic counselling
  • pediatric cancer satellite clinic

As a Cancer Care Ontario Regional Cancer Program the NECC is responsible for planning and improving cancer services in the region. It does this through partnerships with hospitals and healthcare providers in all aspects of cancer care to deliver care as close to home as possible where quality allows.

Partner Hospitals


Cancer Care Ontario Regional Vice-President, North East Regional Cancer Program

Maureen McLelland

Ms. McLelland began her career as a staff nurse in the emergency department at Sudbury’s Memorial Hospital. She subsequently served as staff nurse and charge nurse in the emergency department at the Mount Sinai Hospital and as palliative care nurse at the Casey House Hospice, both located in Toronto. She returned to HSN in 1991 as Coordinator of the HAVEN (HIV) Program. She later became Clinical Manager of Medical outpatient services, Administrative Director of the Medical Program, Administrative Director of the Mental Health and Addictions Program and Associate Vice-President, Clinical Transformation and Transitions.

She holds a Nursing Diploma from Cambrian College, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ryerson University and a Masters of Health Sciences in Health Policy, Management and Evaluation from the University of Toronto. A Certified Health Executive, she chaired the NEON Lights Chapter of the Canadian College of Health Leaders and currently serves on the board of Cambrian College.

Council Members

Regional Cancer Program Council Members

  • Mark Hartman, Chair, Vice-President
  • Koop Alkema, Manager, Prevention & Screening
  • Louis Andrighetti, Northeast Cancer Centre Admin Director
  • Quoc Hao Mach, Process Improvement Lead
  • Dr. Michel Bonin, Pathology Lead
  • Steffany Bourque, Manager, Systemic Treatment
  • Dr. Antonio Caycedo, Surgical Lead
  • France Daoust, Finance Representative
  • Traci Franklin, Supportive Care
  • Dr. Amanda Hey, Dr. Patrick Critchley, Primary Care Leads
  • Dr. Jennifer Jocko – Colposcopy / Cervical Lead
  • Dr. Beatriz Junqueira-Duarte – Breast Imaging Lead
  • Paulette Lalancette, Patient and Family Advisory Council Member
  • Dr. Andrew Knight, Palliative Lead
  • Kevin Labelle, Manager, Clinical Informatics
  • Dr. Michael Loreto, Imaging Lead
  • Carole Mayer, Supportive Care Lead
  • Dr. Jonathan Noble, Systemic Treatment Lead
  • Dr. Sarwat Shehata, Radiation Treatment Lead
  • Dr. Scott Shulman, GI (Gastrointestinal) Endo Lead
  • Dr. Silvana Spadafora, Systemic Treatment Lead
  • Laurie Stillwaugh, Manager, Radiation Treatment
  • Dr. Annelind Wakegijig, Aboriginal Lead