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Models of Care Program

The Models of Care Program supports the efficient use of healthcare resources. We do this because Ontario’s population is growing and aging. This means our healthcare system must deliver more and better services with the resources we have.


Our work involves identifying and promoting patient-centered and financially sustainable models of care. We use information on patient needs and clinical best practice to find the best way to organize services and integrate them across sectors, professions, and settings.



  • Develop and implement new models of care to promote value for money.
  • Identify and address regulatory, funding and other policy changes to sustain new models of care.
  • Facilitate accurate human resource planning by making sure planners understand how a change in the model of care affects the need for different healthcare providers.


Program Initiatives

We are developing new models of care to:

  • transition follow-up care of patients who have completed treatment and do not need ongoing specialist care to a family doctor (in partnership with the Survivorship Program).
  • optimize the role of nurses in outpatient cancer settings (in partnership with the Nursing Program).
  • optimize the use of different healthcare settings and providers to improve access to care for people with acute leukemia and those requiring stem cell transplants (in partnership with the Specialized Services Oversight Program).
  • optimize the delivery of palliative care services (supporting the Ontario Palliative Care Network)
  • identify additional opportunities for improving models of care, e.g., breast diagnostic assessment and toxicity management during active treatment

Email Program

If you have any questions or comments, email the Models of Care Program.