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ST–QBP – Frequently Asked Questions

The Systemic Treatment – Quality Based Program (ST-QBP) manages funding for the delivery of outpatient systemic treatment services based on evidence-informed practice.

Where can I find the full list of ST-QBP evidence-informed regimens?

All regimens listed on the regimens page are approved ST-QBP evidence-informed regimens.

How do I determine whether an evidence-informed regimen has public drug funding (i.e. EAP, NDFP, ODB) available?

Public funding is indicated next to the “Funding” section of the listing. Hovering over the funding option provides a brief description of the eligibility criteria.

Where can I find a list of the eligibility criteria for drugs funded by the New Drug Funding Program (NDFP)?

This information is provided on the NDFP enrolment forms, which are available for download from the Drug Formulary on each corresponding NDFP-funded drug monograph.

How do I identify drugs that are “unfunded” by ST-QBP (formerly listed in red)?

The term “Unfunded” will appear under “Drugs Used” on the drug listing for drugs that are not funded by any public funding program.

If all drugs within a regimen are “Unfunded”, then the regimen is not eligible for public funding of administration costs.  There is some funding available for the care required at clinic visits.

What funding is available if only some of the drugs in a regimen are “Unfunded”?

If only some drugs within a regimen are “Unfunded”, the remaining drugs are eligible for public funding of drug and administration costs at the assigned funding band.

How do I identify if a drug is available through a “Compassionate Supply” program (formerly blue)?

The term “Compassionate” will appear under “Drugs Used” on the drug listing.

Drugs within a regimen that are “Compassionate” are eligible for public funding of administration costs.

What is funded when drugs within a regimen do not have any funding-related information listed?

ST-QBP provides funding for both the drug and administration costs of drugs that are not labelled with any funding-related information.

How can I find out which regimens are being added, updated or removed from the evidence-informed regimens list?

The What’s New page lists all regimens added or updated over the last 30 days. This list is updated automatically.

Lastly, the iPort updates provide quarterly information. Please note that a subscription is required, contact for details.

How can I make a request to add a regimen to the evidence-informed list?

Submit a request through the process listed on the Regimen Requests page.