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Pathway map development is an iterative process that involves the participation of multidisciplinary groups. These include a working group of disease-specific experts with regional and specialty representation, and various internal and external stakeholders.

Each initial pathway map is developed by the clinical working group chair(s) and members of the Disease Pathway Management Program based on the best available evidence and knowledge of current clinical practice. The draft is presented to the working group and over several meetings, the pathway map is reviewed, discussed and approved by the working group. 

Pathway maps incorporate evidence from local, national and international clinical practice guidelines. Where evidence is insufficient, expert opinion from the working group is used to inform pathway map development.

The steps outlined in the methodology apply to the core pathway maps developed by the Disease Pathway Management Program. Methodologies used to develop supplementary pathway maps, (e.g., tissue pathway maps) may vary.

Full Methodology

The comprehensive methodology is available:

Pathway Map Development Methodology