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Virtual Care in Patients with Cancer: A Systematic Review

ID: ES 30-1 Mar 2021
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice
Document Status: Current
Simron Singh, Glenn G. Fletcher, Xiaomei Yao, Jonathan Sussman

Guideline Objective:

This review will be one of the sources of information used to help inform the rollout of virtual cancer care in Ontario both during the pandemic and beyond through the development of standards and quality guidelines.

Patient Population:

The evidence summary was prepared to inform treatment of patients with cancer in Ontario; however, no restriction was placed on patient or treatment location in determining inclusion/exclusion of clinical trials.

Intended Guideline Users:

Intended users are cancer care providers, healthcare policymakers, and cancer system stakeholders in Ontario.

Research Questions:

The following research questions were developed to direct the search for available evidence on the use of virtual care in patients with cancer:

  • What evidence is there to support the delivery of virtual cancer care?
  • What are the patient and disease factors that are associated with provision of effective virtual cancer care?
  • What guidance is available regarding optimal delivery of virtual cancer care regarding technical requirements, equity, inter-professional care, and health-care provider compensation?
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