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Self-Management in Cancer: Quality Standards

Version: 1 ID: N/A Nov 2018
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Health System
Document Status: Current
Patient Education Program

Guideline Objective

The intent of these quality statements is to drive the development of strategies to implement self-management and self-management support in cancer care throughout the cancer continuum. It is also to encourage administrators and individual providers to begin to examine how self-management and self-management support can be implemented and measured in their individual organizations and practices. This document does not prescribe how organizations and individuals should achieve compliance with the statements, but it establishes a standard for how care should be optimally designed to support self-management in Ontario. The quality statements outline the level of service that any person (patient, family member or caregiver) using adult oncology services in Ontario should expect to receive with regard to self-management support. The quality statements address healthcare provider-to-patient collaboration and pertain primarily to activities within the Regional Cancer Programs.

Patient Population

All people affected by cancer.

Intended Guideline Users

Healthcare administrators and individual healthcare providers.

Guideline-Based Clinical Tools