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Optimization of Surgical and Pathological Quality Performance in Radical Surgery for Colon and Rectal Cancer: Margins and Lymph Nodes

Version: 2 ID: 17-4 Nov 2016
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: Current
A.J. Smith, D.K. Driman, K. Spithoff, R. McLeod, A. Hunter, R.B. Rumble, B. Langer , Colon and Rectal Cancer Surgery and Pathology Expert Panel

Patient Population

Patients with curable colon and rectal cancer in whom surgical management with radical excision is undertaken. This may include selected patients with M1 disease.

This document does not apply to patients with primary cancers that are managed by polypectomy or full thickness transanal excision, patients treated for recurrent tumours, or patients undergoing surgery with palliative intent.

Research Question(s)

  1. What is the recommended technique and extent of surgical resection for curable colorectal cancer (CRC), including extent of bowel resection, extent of lymph node resection, and reporting requirements?
  2. What is the recommended approach to processing and reporting the resected specimen, including specimen marking in the operating room, as well as processing and reporting requirements in the pathology laboratory?
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