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The Management of Head and Neck Cancer in Ontario

ID: 5-3 Dec 2009
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Health System
Document Status: Archived
R. Gilbert, M. Devries-Aboud, E. Winquist, J. Waldron, M. McQuestion, Head and Neck Disease Site Group

Guideline Objective

The Head and Neck Disease Site Group (DSG) has recognized a need for guidance regarding the organization and delivery of healthcare services for patients with head and neck cancer, including specific recommendations for the organization of care, the human and physical resources required, and appropriate treatment approaches that should be considered for this population of patients.

Patient Population

Adult patients who present with symptoms of, or have been diagnosed with, head and neck mucosal malignancies, including salivary and advanced skin, but not thyroid, cancer.

Intended Guideline Users

Administrators responsible for developing and implementing new head and neck cancer programs, as well as oncology healthcare professionals who interact with head and neck cancer patients during the full continuum of care from diagnosis to post-treatment follow-up and rehabilitation.

Research Question(s)

Organization of Care

  1. What minimum requirements are necessary for the organization and delivery of multidisciplinary care to patients with head and neck mucosal malignancies? Areas of interest include healthcare teams and unique infrastructure.
  2. What are the recommended staff requirements and expertise required by medical/surgical and allied healthcare professionals to provide optimal care for head and neck patients? Areas of interest include minimum volumes and training to optimize patient outcomes.

Clinical Management

  1. What is the optimum clinical management recommended for patients with tumours of the head and neck?