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Clinical Guidance: Recommended Best Practices for Delivery of Colposcopy Services in Ontario

Jun 2016
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: Current
Dr. Joan Murphy, Dr. Rachel Kupets, Dr. Laurie Elit, Dr. Myriam Amimi, Dr. Peter Bryson, Catriona Buick, Dr. Dustin Costescu, Dr. Nicholas Escott, Dr. Julie-Ann Francis, Dr. Paul Gurland, Dr. Douglas Hepburn, Dr. Naana Jumah, Mike Kadour, PhD, Dr. Erica Mantay, Dr. Susan McFaul, Chantal Menard, Victoria Noguera, Dr. Anna Plotkin, Dr. Lea Rossiter, Dr. Michael Shier, Jill Tettmann

Guideline Objective

This document aims to promote adoption of evidence-informed clinical best practices and adherence to recommended organizational best practices among clinicians and administrators. The goal is to optimize the quality of colposcopy services for eligible women with an abnormal cervical screening test by:

  • Defining appropriate clinical criteria for entry into the colposcopy system, subsequent investigations and interventions, follow-up practices, exit criteria and seamless reintegration strategies back into surveillance or screening in a primary care setting to reduce harms and over-treatment
  • Supporting equitable access to appropriate and consistently high-quality care in colposcopy through data collection that allows for monitoring of quality indicators
  • Creating a framework to guide the organization of colposcopy services and their integration with cervical screening to ultimately enable system-wide performance management and improvements
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