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Effectiveness of Screening With Annual Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Mammography: Results of the Initial Screen From the Ontario High Risk Breast Screening Program

Jun 2014
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice
Document Status: Current
A.M. Chiarelli, M.V. Prummel, D. Muradali, V. Majpruz, M. Horgan, J.C. Carroll, A. Eisen, W.S. Meschino, R.S. Shumak, E. Warner, L. Rabeneck, Journal of Clinical Oncology

Guideline Objective

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) has operated since 1990 to deliver a population-based breast cancer screening program of biennial mammography for unaffected women age 50 to 74 years and was expanded in July 2011 to screen women age 30 to 69 years at high risk for breast cancer (including those with a previous history of breast cancer) with annual MRI screening in addition to digital mammography. The objective of this study was to evaluate screening performance measures among women screened in the first year of the OBSP High Risk Screening Program.

Patient Population

Women ages 30 to 69 years at high risk for breast cancer

Intended Guideline Users

Clinicians and policy-makers

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