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Optimal Systemic Therapy for Early Female Breast Cancer

ID: 1-21 Sep 2014
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: In-Review
A. Eisen, G.G. Fletcher, S. Gandhi, M. Mates, O.C. Freedman, S.F. Dent, M.E. Trudeau , Early Breast Cancer Systemic Therapy Consensus Panel

Patient Population

Female patients who are being considered for or are receiving systemic therapy for early-stage invasive breast cancer.

The preferred definition of early breast cancer in this guideline is invasive cancers Stage I−IIA (T1N0−1, T2N0). Studies with cancer described as operable (no other description of stage) and some studies with both Stage I−IIA and operable Stage IIB−IIIA (sometimes considered locally advanced) are included.

Intended Guideline Users

Clinicians (medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists and general practitioners) who participate in the care of patients with early breast cancer who are suitable for or receiving systemic therapy.

Research Question(s)

What is the optimal adjuvant systemic therapy for female patients with early-stage operable breast cancer, when patient and disease factors are considered?

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