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Safe Handling of Cytotoxics

Version: 2 ID: 16-3 Dec 2013
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: In-Review
A. Easty, N. Coakley, R. Cheng, M. Cividino, P. Savage, R. Tozer, R. White, Safe Handling of Cytotoxics Expert Panel

Guideline Objective

The original guideline objective was to provide recommendations regarding the safe handling of parenteral cytotoxics by healthcare workers. The objective of this update is to address new issues in cytotoxic handling that have developed since the previous guideline, including the use of oral cytotoxics, selection and use of personal protective equipment, and treatment in diverse settings including in the home setting.

Patient Population

Healthcare workers who may come into contact with cytotoxic drugs at any point in the medication circuit. The medication circuit includes all steps through which the drug travels, from the receiving dock to the storage facility, as well as its preparation, administration and disposal. Exposure is possible throughout the medication circuit in the hospital or in the home setting.

Intended Guideline Users

Hospital administrators, educators and managers, occupational health and safety services, pharmacy and healthcare workers.

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