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The Organization of Colposcopy Services in Ontario: Recommended Framework 

Version: 2 ID: 15-12 Jan 2015
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: Current
J. Murphy, N. Varela, L. Elit, A. Lytwyn, V. Wu, M. Yudin, M. Shier, S. El-Khatib , Cervical Cancer Screening Clinical Advisory Committee

Guideline Objective

To provide a framework by which colposcopy services in Ontario can be delivered with consistent quality, in the following areas:

  1. Colposcopy training, qualification, and maintenance of competence:
    • Accessibility to training programs
    • Quality of training programs
    • Requirements to qualify as a colposcopist
    • Maintenance of competence
  2. Practice setting requirements:
    • Group practice: hospital-based clinics and outpatient clinics located outside of hospitals
    • Individual office-based practice
  3. Operational practices:
    • Referral criteria
    • Wait times
    • Strategies to reduce drop-out rates
  4. Quality indicators and outcomes:
    • Quality assurance
    • Performance indicators

Patient Population

Healthcare providers and administrators involved with the provision of colposcopy examination in Ontario.

Intended Guideline Users

These recommendations are intended for clinicians and institutions performing colposcopy in Ontario, and to policy makers and program planners involved in the delivery of colposcopy services.

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