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Appropriate Surgical Margins and Proper Handling of Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Extremities

ID: 11-10 Oct 2015
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: Education and Information
Sarcoma Disease Site Group

Patient Population

Patients with STS of the extremities who are candidates for limb-sparing surgery and whose treatment objectives are to obtain local control and overall survival.

Intended Guideline Users

Surgeons performing extremity STS surgery, oncologists (radiation and medical) who treat these patients, and pathologists examining the resection specimens from these patients.

Research Question(s)

  1. In limb salvage surgery for extremity soft tissue sarcoma (STS), what is considered an adequate surgical margin, in the context of the following:
    1. Surgery alone?
    2. Surgery in combination with adjuvant or neoadjuvant radiation and/or chemotherapy?
  2. What would be the appropriate number of surgical resection specimens to obtain?
  3. What is the appropriate handling technique for surgical resection specimens?
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