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Funding for Systemic Treatment Clinical Trials

The funding stream to support patients on clinical trials may differ depending on the trial in which the patient is participating.

Systemic Treatment-Quality Based Program Funding

For the purpose of funding through the Systemic Treatment-Quality Based Program, a clinical trial is an intervention to evaluate a drug or biologic agent for its anti-cancer activity, which has undergone institutional (peer) review and received ethics approval at the institutional or provincial level. Clinical trials meeting this definition will receive funding for the cost of evidence-informed drugs that are not funded through Provincial Drug Reimbursement Programs or Ontario Public Drug Programs (i.e., older and inexpensive drugs) and/or their administration costs.

Clinical trials that do not evaluate the anti-cancer impact of a new drug or regimen would not be considered for funding through the Systemic Treatment-Quality Based Program. For example, trials designed to assess only a diagnostic, symptom management or resource utilization question would not be considered for funding and would be categorized as “not aligned.” However, if patients receive an evidence-informed standard of care within the context of a “non-aligned” trial, the facility will still receive funding for the evidence-informed treatment and its administration.

Publicly Funded Cancer Drugs

When a publicly funded cancer drug is used within or following a clinical trial in accordance with Provincial Drug Reimbursement Programs or Ontario Public Drug Programs drug funding policies, funding will be provided by those programs. To find out more about reimbursement of publicly funded cancer drugs through these programs, refer to the Clinical Trials Policy and frequently asked questions below.

Older or Inexpensive Cancer Drugs

For older or inexpensive cancer drugs, the cost of the drugs, their preparation, delivery and related clinical care for patients on clinical trials is provided through the Systemic Treatment-Quality Based Program (ST-QBP). To find out more about the reimbursement provided through this program, refer to:

Key Principles for the Funding of Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Policy

Our clinical trials policy covers public funding of cancer drugs and their administration within the context of clinical trials. Download the policy and related documents for more information.

Clinical Trials Policy 4.0

Clinical Trials FAQs

Summary and Response to Stakeholder Consultation

Clinical Trials Policy Provider Fact SheetFor clinicians who are discussing clinical trial options with their patients

To learn about the clinical trial assessment outcomes and the policy evaluation metrics, go to Clinical Trials Assessment Statistics.


If you have feedback or questions concerning the Clinical Trials Policy, funding principles or individual assessments, please email