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The drug library provides access to information on over 100 cancer drugs available for use in Canada.

Find more safety information in the supplementary patient handout How to Safely Take Your Oral Anti-Cancer Medication.

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Other Name(s): Neupogen®; Grastofil®
ODB - General Benefit
  • filgrastim - Grastofil brand is a general benefit
ODB Limited Use
  • filgrastim - (Neupogen brand) - Pre-Stem Cell Transplant Mobilization: For peripheral blood progenitor cell collection for peripheral stem cell transplant as treatment for malignant disease. Approval for Neupogen 300 mcg and 480 mcg vial format only.
  • filgrastim - (Neupogen brand) For pediatric patients (less than 18 years age) who are unable to achieve the appropriate dose of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor with the formulary listed formats of pre-filled syringes. Approval for Neupogen 300 mcg vial format only.
  • filgrastim - (Neupogen brand) For patients who are unable to use available formats of Grastofil due to a documented latex allergy. Approval for Neupogen 300 mcg and 480 mcg vial format only.
Sep 2019
Other Name(s): Fludara®
New Drug Funding Program
  • Fludarabine - Indolent Lymphoma
ODB Limited Use
  • fludarabine - For the first-line treatment of CLL in combination with rituximab (tablets; with or without cyclophosphamide)
  • fludarabine - For second-line therapy of patients with CLL who have failed or are intolerant to chlorambucil (tablets)
Jun 2019
Other Name(s): Adrucil® (multiple brands available); Efudex® Cream (Valeant)
May 2018
Other Name(s): Euflex® (multiple brands available)
ODB - General Benefit
  • flutamide
Aug 2014
Other Name(s): Faslodex® ()
May 2018