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Ontario Cancer Profiles

About Ontario Cancer Profiles

Ontario Cancer Profiles is a self-serve, interactive set of dashboards. It gives you the ability to export data and create custom graphs, maps and tables that show recent provincial and regional statistics on:

  • cancer burden (including future estimates)
  • cancer screening
  • risk factors
  • socio-demographic factors

This allows you to create profiles that support targeted cancer control. Regional statistics are available by public health unit and sub-region.1

Select an Ontario Cancer Profiles Dashboard
Dashboard UPDATED
Cancer Incidence: 2010-2018 September 2021
Cancer Mortality: 2000-2018 September 2021
Cancer Survival: 2014-2018 September 2021
Cancer Prevalence: 2018 September 2021
Cancer Projections: 2019-2030 June 2023: New dashboard with cancer incidence projections
Cancer Screening: 2018-2020 September 2021
Cancer Risk Factors: up to 2020 June 2023:
  • Sedentary behaviour indicator removed
  • Updated indicators
    • Active transportation
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Binge drinking
    • Overweight and obesity
    • Physical inactivity
    • Second-hand smoke exposure
    • Smoking

September 2021

  • Sun safety
  • Inadequate vegetable and fruit consumption
Socio-demographic Factors: up to 2021 June 2023: All indicators updated

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Please cite any use of data from Ontario Cancer Profiles as follows: Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario). Ontario Cancer Profiles [Internet]. 2023 [cited <date>]. Available from:

1 Learn more about sub-regions in Frequently Asked Questions.