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iPort is Cancer Care Ontario's secure business intelligence tool for cancer system planners, decision-makers and clinicians. It offers a wide range of dashboards and reports to support planning and management activities.

iPort provides a single source of analytical data organized into subject areas. Each subject area is made up of a variety of dashboards and reports that help address different business questions along the cancer care continuum.


  • Standard reports present data in Excel-like grid and graph layouts.
  • Dashboards or scorecards combine multiple grid and graph reports on a single page. They help users get a holistic view of specific subject areas.
  • Exploratory analysis allows users to quickly create customized and interactive dashboards to explore business data.
  • Filtering allows users to sort data and find what is relevant to their organization and areas of interest. 
  • Multiple download formats are available for reports and dashboards for further analysis and presentation.

Request Access

To access iPort you must first register with eHealth Ontario’s ONE® ID and be granted access to iPort reports.

  1. Register for a ONE ID account
    If you do not already have a ONE ID account, contact your ONE ID Local Registration Authority (LRA) to create one. If you don’t know who that is, email ONE ID Support to find out.
  2. Request access to iPort reports
    Once your ONE ID account is set up, ask the CCO facility LRA for iPort in your region or at your facility to help you complete the following steps. 
    1. Connect you to the ONE ID LRA who will assign iPort service to your ONE ID account
    2. Complete the request form for access to iPort 
    3. Submit your request directly to CCO’s Service Desk

If you don’t know who your CCO facility LRA is, email CCO Informatics to find out.