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Regimen Requests

Healthcare facilities may suggest new regimens or modifications to existing regimens for Systemic Treatment – Quality-Based Procedure (ST-QBP) funding consideration.

Facilities are funded only for the delivery of evidence-informed systemic therapy regimens. The definition and criteria document outlines the definition of evidence-informed practice and criteria for evaluating regimens and evidence.

The guidance on the substitution of systemic therapy agents outlines the guiding principles of drug substitution and provides examples of evidence-informed drug substitutions by disease site.

Make a Request

Before completing and submitting a request form, please make sure the regimen has not already been considered for ST-QBP funding.

Step 1: Verify the regimen has not already been approved for funding

  • Go to Regimens or search for the regimen.
  • On the Regimens or search results page, use the refine filters or keyword filter to find the relevant regimen.
  • If the regimen has already been considered and approved, the ST-QBP funding status will be shown beside the drug names.
  • If no funding status is shown, proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: Verify the regimen is not under review or previously “not approved”

  • Download the ST-QBP Regimen Request Status document (updated monthly), to view past and current regimen submissions.
  • Search the document to verify that the regimen is not already listed.
  • If a regimen was previously reviewed and not approved, you may resubmit it for funding consideration if there is updated evidence to support the request.
  • If a regimen is not currently under review and has not previously been reviewed, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Complete and submit the request form

To suggest a regimen to be considered for funding by the Systemic Treatment – QBP:

Contact Us

If you have questions about this information, please email the Systemic Treatment – QBP.