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Our Processes

The Drug Formulary provides information on cancer drugs used in Ontario through drug monographs, regimen monographs and patient information sheets. Our team is responsible for implementing and maintaining the formulary database.

Monograph Updates

Monographs are formally reviewed by the Drug Formulary Team against key clinical trials and the manufacturer product monographs.

Information in the Drug Formulary documents remains at all times subject to review and change without notice. We aim to make major revisions to these documents on a regular basis. This happens at most once a year (or more frequently if needed to respond to emerging safety issues).

CCO specifically makes no warranty as to the accuracy or fitness of the documents for a particular purpose. You should not act or rely upon this information without exercising your independent judgment or seeking the advice of a qualified professional. Anyone using the information does so at their own risk. Refer to the most recent available manufacturer product monograph for further drug information from the manufacturer.

New Monographs

Drug Monographs

New drug monographs are added to the formulary after a drug is approved by Health Canada (either conditional or regular approval). The formulary team will create the document and add it to the database.

Regimen Monographs

New regimens are added once approved by the Systemic Treatment Quality-Based Procedures (QBP) as evidence-informed.

To make a suggestion for a new regimen, visit the Systemic Treatment QBP (Funding Model) page and find the Evidence-informed Regimen Request Form.