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Surveillance Program

The Surveillance Program analyzes and interprets cancer data and reports on Ontario’s cancer burden and trends. This information informs public health priorities and policies, and identifies new areas of research. Our main data source is the Ontario Cancer Registry.



The information gathered through surveillance allows us to:

  • examine trends and patterns of cancer in Ontario to identify possible causes, and recommend ways to prevent and control the disease
  • assess the impact of cancer control efforts such as cancer screening
  • track progress towards lessening the population burden of cancer


 Program Initiatives 

  • Work closely with the Ontario Cancer Registry to understand cancer data
  • Support improvements in the cancer system by providing information and services including:
    • population-level cancer statistics
    • specialized analysis of cancer registry data (e.g., regional statistics, cancer projections)
    • interpretation of cancer patterns and trends
    • assistance with cancer cluster investigations
  • Develop knowledge products and tools, such as the Ontario Cancer Statistics report, SEER*Stat package and an interactive cancer statistics tool that creates custom graphs and charts
  • Keep up to date with new statistical approaches for analyzing cancer registry data, and with local, national and international cancer trends


Email Program

If you have questions or comments, email the Surveillance Program.