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New Drug Funding Program

The New Drug Funding Program (NDFP) pays for many newer, and often very expensive, injectable cancer drugs administered in hospitals and cancer centres. The program, created in 1995, is a publicly funded drug program under the Ontario Public Drug Programs (OPDP).

Who Is Eligible?

Patients must be residents of Ontario and have a valid Ontario Health Card. Reimbursement is for the drug costs for patients who meet the program’s eligibility criteria for the specific approved injectable cancer drug.

If you are a patient and want to know whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria for this program, we recommend that you speak with your healthcare team. Any forms that may need to be filled out during the process will be completed by your doctor.

Enrolment Forms and Documents

There are several documents that must be submitted as part of the enrolment and reimbursement process:

  • Completed enrolment forms and supporting clinical documents (when required), must be submitted by the prescribing healthcare provider before treatments begin.
  • Treatment claims and supporting documentation, if applicable, must be submitted to Cancer Care Ontario according to the monthly submission schedule.
  • All enrolment forms, treatment claims and supporting clinical documents must be submitted through Cancer Care Ontario’s eClaims – a web-based tool for submitting reimbursement claims.

Specific details on the eligibility criteria for injectable cancer drugs, drug combinations and indications covered under the program are included within the enrolment forms.

To find the eligibility forms for a particular drug, go to the Drug Formulary and use the search or refine filters to find the relevant drug. The drug listing will indicate if the drug is funded through the New Drug Funding Program. Select the drug name to view drug information and forms. 

Drugs Funded by the Program

  • The program funds new and expensive injectable cancer drugs that are administered in outpatient chemotherapy clinics in hospitals and regional cancer centres and have been evaluated and approved for coverage.
  • The program funds the majority of injectable cancer drug costs in Ontario. The remaining costs are covered by other sources.
  • Reimbursement is for the drug costs of those patients who meet the eligibility criteria for the specific approved drugs.

Cancer Drug Reimbursement Within Clinical Trials

Together, we and the Ministry developed a Clinical Trials Policy that describes how participation in a particular clinical trial may affect eligibility for public cancer drug funding during or after the trial. It also explains when treatment preparation and delivery, and related clinical care for patients will be publicly funded.

Download the policy for more information.
Clinical Trials Policy 3.0

To learn more about funding for systemic treatment clinical trials please visit the Systemic Treatment Clinical Trials page.

Drugs Not Funded by the Program

  • Treatments administered in the inpatient setting are not eligible for funding via this program, unless otherwise specified and approved by Cancer Care Ontario.
  • The program does not fund cancer drugs administered in private clinics.
  • The program does not reimburse individuals or retail pharmacies for the cost of cancer drugs. Instead, reimbursements are made to Ontario’s regional cancer centres and more than 80 community hospitals.

Resubmissions and Appeals

Requests for drug funding through the New Drug Funding Program or Evidence Building Program may not be approved if the patient does not meet eligibility criteria.  The program will accept a request for a resubmission or appeal, to be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Information on the eligibility criteria, filing process and review process are detailed in the NDFP/EBP Resubmissions and Appeals Policy. Resubmissions and appeals must be submitted by the most responsible physician or delegate.