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Rapport statistique

Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario: Evidence Summary

mar 2013
Data Type: Risk Factors
Publication Series: Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario

This is the first report in the Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario series. It reviews the epidemiologic evidence linking a broad range of risk factors to various types of cancer in Ontario. This is a valuable reference and foundation for prevention efforts, especially for planning and reporting on cancer prevention actions.

The report focuses on the following risk categories:

  • behavioural (tobacco, alcohol, etc.)
  • reproductive and hormonal
  • environmental (ultraviolet radiation, fine particulate matter, etc.)
  • occupational
  • infectious
  • genetic
  • medical conditions and treatment

The report is divided into short chapters with summary tables linking risk factors/exposures and cancers. Each chapter has an extensive bibliography for further detail on associations between specific cancers and risk factors.