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Liposomal Anthracyclines in the Management of HIV-positive Kaposi's Sarcoma

Version: 2 ID: 12-8 Jun 2013
Type of Content: Guidelines & Advice, Clinical
Document Status: Education and Information
N. Iscoe, V. Bramwell, M. Charette, T. Oliver, B. Zanke, Systemic Treatment Disease Site Group

Patient Population

Patients with HIV-positive Kaposi’s sarcoma and good performance status (Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group [ECOG] 0-2) who have progressive cutaneous disease despite prior treatment with interferon and/or vinblastine, or who have visceral disease that is symptomatic or progressive.

Research Question(s)

Does liposomal anthracycline therapy have advantages over standard combination therapy for patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive Kaposi’s sarcoma who have aggressive cutaneous or visceral disease?

Outcomes of interest are survival, time-totreatment failure, response rates, adverse effects, and quality of life.

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