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You’ve been redirected to the new Cancer Care Ontario website. You can also visit the archived website, which is no longer being maintained.

CCO SEER*Stat Package

The CCO SEER*Stat Package contains de-identified Ontario cancer research data files derived from the Ontario Cancer Registry, the SEER*Stat software and supporting user documentation. This package allows analysts to produce incidence and mortality statistics for studying the impact of cancer on the Ontario population.

Statistics produced by CCO SEER*Stat are useful for:

  • cancer prevention and control
  • understanding health disparities
  • prioritizing cancer control efforts
  • monitoring progress, for the purpose of reducing the burden of cancer

Research Data Files

The Ontario cancer research data files contain incidence and mortality data for the following levels of geography: Ontario, Census Divisions, Public Health Units, and Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). For the most recent release (Release 10, November 2015), here is more detailed information:

  • The Ontario cancer research data files contain incidence and mortality data, from the years 1981 to 2012. 
  • Beginning with 2010 diagnoses, the Ontario Cancer Registry adopted the SEER Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules for counting additional primary cancers. As a result, there is an increase in the number of new cases compared to pre-2010 incidence counts. This change in number is due to how cancers are being counted; it does not mean that more people in Ontario are being diagnosed with cancer — see How We Collect Cancer Registry Data for more information. 
  • To align with Statistics Canada’s update of the standard reference population (from 1991 to 2011) for age-standardization, we are offering data users the 2011 population as an option (among others) in this release. For more information, see Change to Reference Population.

User Documentation

The following documentation is provided with the CCO SEER*Stat package:

  • User Guide: Data Notes and Description
  • Quick Start Guide: Installation and SEER*Stat Examples with Ontario Cancer Data
  • Important Notes to All Users of CCO SEER*Stat Package – Release 10

 In addition, frequently asked questions are available for download:

Frequently Asked Questions: CCO SEER*Stat Package – Release 10

SEER*Stat Statistical Software

SEER*Stat is a free statistical software created by the National Cancer Institute in the United States. The software allows users to analyze the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) data, but can also be used to analyze data from other cancer registries to produce statistics for studying the impact of cancer on a population.

To learn more about the SEER*Stat software, please visit the U.S. National Cancer Institute's SEER*Stat Software website.

To get access to the CCO SEER*Stat package, follow these steps:

Even if you have received the package before in a previous year, all new and previous users are required to submit a Confidentiality Agreement with each new release of the CCO SEER*Stat package.

Unlike past releases, the package will no longer be available on DVD. It will be available for download via a secure managed file-transfer system. 

A new package is released when additional years of data are available. The next release will have at least 2 additional years of cancer incidence and mortality data, and will be available in Spring 2019.

News and Updates

  • Training Videos – Learn how to use the CCO SEER*Stat Package to produce cancer burden statistics for Ontario.

Current Release

  • CCO SEER*Stat Release 10 – Years included: 1981-2012

Past Releases

  • Cancer Care Ontario – SEER*Stat Release 9 – Years included: 1981-2009
  • Cancer Care Ontario – SEER*Stat Release 8 – Years included: 1981-2007
  • Cancer Care Ontario – SEER*Stat Release 7 – Years included: 1971- 2005
  • OCR SEER*Stat Release 6 – Years included: 1964-2004
  • OCR SEER*Stat Release 5 – Years included: 1964-2003
  • OCR SEER*Stat Release 3 – Years included: 1964-2002
  • OCR SEER*Stat Release 2 – Years included: 1964-2000
  • OCR SEER*Stat Release 1 – Years included: 1964-1998