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Rapport statistique

Cancer Risk Factors Atlas of Ontario

nov 2017
Data Type: Risk Factors
Publication Series: Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario

The Cancer Risk Factors Atlas of Ontario shows you how risk factors related to cancer and other chronic diseases are distributed in local areas throughout Ontario.

This information helps support the public health community and Local Health Integration Networks to better understand the health of their communities. By identifying high-need populations and areas, this information helps inform region-specific policies, interventions and programs to improve overall health and reduce health disparities.

Highlights of the Atlas

  • Maps showing the distribution and prevalence of six modifiable risk factors:
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Excess body weight
    • Inadequate vegetable and fruit consumption
    • Inadequate physical activity
    • Sedentary behaviour
    • Smoking
  • Maps and descriptions for each risk factor by sex and age group, organized by Local Health Integration Network
  • An overview of the data and methods, an interpretive guide to accompany the maps, and technical appendices
  • Full data table for viewing the data organized by public health unit or Local Health Integration Network
  • Shapefile giving you the ability to generate your own custom maps.