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Organizational Standards for Diagnostic Assessment Programs

Guideline Objective

To develop provincial standards that define the organizational and practice-setting features expected of a diagnostic assessment program (DAP). These standards represent one of a series of strategies that are needed to achieve the overall goal of improved rapid access to diagnosis. These standards apply to the organization of DAPs and include the full spectrum of multidisciplinary diagnostic assessment leading to treatment.

Intended Guideline Users

This guidance is directed towards practicing clinical teams and clinical and administrative leaders, including regional cancer program leaders and Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) leaders, who contribute to and are accountable for improving the access to and quality of care.

Research Question(s)

What are the optimal organizational and practice setting features of a cancer diagnostic assessment program for Ontario?

Areas of interest included the organization, process, and evaluative measures.


Supportive Interventions Care



Pathology and Laboratory Testing



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Guidelines & Advice

Health System

Authors:  M. Brouwers J. Crawford P. Elison W.K. Evans A. Gagliardi D. Holmes J. Lacourciere D. Lo V. Mai S. McNair T. Minuk T.K. Oliver L. Rabeneck C. Rand J. Ross J. Smylie J. Srigley H. Stern M. Trudeau Diagnostic Assessment Programs Standards Panel Universal Date:  2007-06-15 00:00:00