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Effectuez un dépistage du virus de l'hépatite B chez tous les patients cancéreux débutant un traitement systémique. Apprenez-en davantage sur le dépistage et la gestion du virus de l'hépatite B.

Certaines de ces informations ou toutes, dans certains cas, n’apparaissent qu’en Anglais. Vous pouvez demander la version française

Systemic Treatment – Quality-Based Procedure (ST-QBP)

The Systemic Treatment – Quality Based Program (ST-QBP) manages funding for the delivery of outpatient systemic treatment services based on evidence-informed practice. The program was developed in collaboration with clinical experts and administrative leaders from across the province.

This best-practice approach aligns with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s direction for Health System Funding Reform. The province’s new patient-centred model ties funding more directly to the quality care that patients need and will be provided to them. It also uses limited resources more efficiently. This approach leads to a sustainable healthcare system based on equitable access to high-quality care.

Funding for Evidence-Informed Regimens

Funding information is included in the CCO Drug Formulary regimens. Select a link in the table for a list of ST-QBP-funded regimens for that disease site and intent. For details about the regimen and cycle frequency, view the relevant regimen monograph page.

If you have questions about ST-QBP funding on our website, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page (opens in new tab).

Disease Site
(Type of Cancer)
Adjuvant/Curative/Neo-Adjuvant Intent Palliative Intent
Central Nervous System
Head and Neck
Unknown Primary
  • N/A
Supportive Care
  • N/A

Updates to Quality-Based Regimens

Evidence-informed regimens are updated quarterly in iPort.

Regimens on this website are updated approximately monthly (if additions or edits are required), or as funding status changes. Recent submissions may not appear until the next fiscal quarter.

Changes to ST-QBP regimens are tracked in the Update Tracker document, updated approximately monthly. The Update Tracker lists modifications to existing regimens and updates to funding status. Please review the updated information to stay informed of changes to the ST-QBP regimens.