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COVID-19: Get the latest updates or take a self-assessment.

Systemic Treatment Regimens During COVID-19

Your cancer care may change during COVID-19 to allow you to stay at home and away from crowded places.

Your cancer care team may make changes to your treatment plan. They may:

  • call you to change the date of your next appointment
  • change an in-person appointment to be over the telephone or a video conference 
  • change how often you have your treatment or postpone it until later 
  • change you to a different treatment (such as a different type of chemotherapy)

Talk to your cancer healthcare team if you have any questions about your cancer treatment.

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During the pandemic, use ST-QBP approved evidence-informed regimens, if possible. When determining the most appropriate treatment regimen for a patient, be sure to carefully analyze and consider the following in a multidisciplinary setting:

  • individual patient factors
  • available resources
  • risks versus benefits

Changes to ST-QBP regimens may be considered if there is a need to:

  • reduce hospital visits (due to reduced resources and to lower patient exposure to COVID-19)
  • provide alternative treatment options if other modalities are not available (i.e. surgery or radiation)
  • reduce the risk of toxicities (such as severe immunosuppression) that would require medical attention

Contact the Drug Formulary team for details about changes to ST-QBP regimens that may be considered during the pandemic.