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Provincial Primary Care & Cancer Network

The Provincial Primary Care and Cancer Network (the network) engages primary care providers to support a more integrated cancer screening system. The network focuses on primary care screening and prevention. It includes Cancer Care Ontario’s provincial primary care lead, regional primary care leads and regional Indigenous cancer leads.

The Role of Regional Primary Care Leads

Regional primary care leads are accountable for:

  • sharing knowledge about cancer screening with patients, primary care colleagues, and healthcare organizations
  • working with primary care providers to improve cancer screening participation and follow-up
  • providing input on the design and execution of tools and program design processes

The Role of Regional Indigenous Cancer Leads

Regional Indigenous cancer leads are accountable for advocating and addressing primary care needs for First Nations, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous peoples in their regions. This work includes:

  • leading supported discussions about Indigenous knowledge and integration of traditional medicine in primary care
  • developing new pilot projects to increase access to screening in remote communities
  • developing cancer screening education materials for primary care providers and First Nations, Inuit, Metis and urban indigenous peoples


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