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Michael Sherar

Ontario’s cancer survival rates among the best and getting better

Michael Sherar
Michael Sherar
President & CEO, CCO

“Will I live?” When a person is diagnosed with cancer, this is often their first question.

Biosimilars: New opportunities and challenges for Canadian cancer care

Recently, I provided opening remarks at an event that brought together various stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges presented by the introduction of biosimilar drugs to cancer systems across Canada. The issue is both important and timely, as we expect the first therapeutic biosimilar to be marketed for oncology in this country in 2019.

New cancer statistics: Better outcomes, but increasing need in Ontario

This year, more than 90,000 people in Ontario will discover they have cancer. Approximately one in two Ontarians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Michael Sherar, CEO & President of CCO
CCO President & CEO Michael Sherar

"Why me?" Population-based approaches for a personal question

One of the most memorable letters I have ever received as president and CEO of CCO was from the wife of a man with stage 4 cancer. The question underlying her heartfelt letter was Why? Why did her husband get cancer even though he had (as she put it) “done everything right”?

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